About farm

We are a small family farm where organic products: vegetables, fruit, greens and herbs are grown. We also have meat and dairy products. We produce cheeses of different types from soft to hard.

Work on the farm is based on environmentally sound models. You are welcome to our farm to relax and see
everything with your own eyes. You can:Tents

  • Find out the difference between bioorganic and traditional agriculture;
  • Taste delicious food straight from the garden, as well as try traditional and local cuisine. We are the soul producer of “Kalynovka” drink and we brew our own beer using wild hops;
  • Take pleasure in watching domestic animals and poultry, kept in humane conditions in a natural environment;
  • Expand your knowledge of the history and culture of your native land.

The farmstead is located within easy travelling distance of the nearest village and conditions are in place for a safe holiday with children of any age.Children

We support public and environmental organizations and are willing to provide a place for various events and activities. We participate in the programme WWOOF independence.Volonter